Diego Alonso Sends “Virtual Hugs” to Fans

“First of all, we’re sending virtual hugs to all of you because we can’t be near each other,” said head coach Diego Alonso in a message to Inter Miami fans. “We feel that we’re missing each other.”


The head coach expressed a sentiment that is perhaps common throughout the Inter Miami community. Fans, players, coaches and staff were getting into a rhythm and building excitement for the Club’s first home match, but Alonso is confident the postponement won’t change that.


“We were so close to our first ever home match. We were so excited and there was a great vibe, a great feeling in those days before the match,” said Alonso. “We’re looking forward to seeing you all again and we’re still working hard so when we see each other again at the stadium we can give you what you deserve, those three points at home that we can enjoy together.”


Alonso also expressed to fans the importance of unity during this time. He reminded fans of the values of community that the Club strives for. More specifically, he stressed the importance of following the guidance of health authorities.


“I also want to say, lastly, to follow the instructions of the authorities, take care of yourselves and each other. Let’s be responsible, not just to ourselves, but to each other. We’re a community. We all have to respect each other and the new rules and norms so we can all get through this.”