"We are the Sky"- a Message to the Fans from Inter Miami CF Stadium

“We Are The Sky”, pays tribute to the missing emotions of a matchday from the perspective of Inter Miami CF Stadium, as Major League Soccer inches closer to resuming the season with yesterday’s return to play announcement. Written by goalkeeper Drake Callender, who summoned his poetry writing abilities to put pen to paper and express to fans and the community what they mean for the stadium, who awaits its inaugural home debut.  

“We are the Sky” written by Drake Callender


The darkest hours summon the brightest lights,

and in this light,

the herons fly.


Alike the herons, I’ve embodied stillness,

and since I can’t impress, I must confess…


You are the heart, 

you are the soul,

you are the presence that makes me feel whole,

you are the community I was built for,

you are the fans that we fly for.