Lee Interview Day 2

Lee Nguyen Shares Thoughts on First Week of Training

Inter Miami midfielder Lee Nguyen spoke to the media before the Club’s second training session, expressing excitement to get started.

He began by sharing a similar sentiment as goalkeeper Luis Robles who said yesterday that it was “almost like the first day of school.” 

“It’s going great. It was the first day like it was going back to school,” said Nguyen. “Diego [Alonso] got to show us some of his attacking ideas, getting to know the guys and getting our feet wet a little bit.”

Nguyen continued answering questions about the Club’s new Head Coach Diego Alonso.

“This was my first time meeting him and I think he has a great mentality and he’s already instilling his ideas of how he wants to play on the first day. I think a lot of guys are buying into that. We love the idea of how he wants to play. His mentality is he wants to fight, he wants to win at all costs.”

He also spoke about the process of getting to know his new teammates throughout the preseason as a member of an expansion team.

“This is what preseason is all about, building that bond with your teammates on and off the field. This preseason we’re all together for these next two months or so, so we have a lot of time to get to know each other.”

On the subject of the Club’s ambition and its ownership group he said, “Super excited. You can already tell with the ownership group here what they’ve done with the facilities, the stadium, what they’ve built, the resources they’ve given us, they want to build one of the best clubs here, not just in MLS but in this region. I think anybody that comes here is super excited to be a part of this Club, this family. We’re looking to hopefully do some great things and make history.”

He concluded his availability with the media by touching on the subject of the exciting young crop of players on the roster.

“I think we have a really great group of young talent here including Mati [Matías Pellegrini] and Julián [Carranza]. I think they’re so young, they’re 19-years-old, but they have bright futures on this team and in this league and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can bring to Miami.”