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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to reserve my seats?

You can now place a deposit here ( to reserve priority access to select season tickets for IMCF’s inaugural season. A sales executive will contact you in late Summer 2019 to select your seats.

Why place a deposit?

A deposit is the only way to guarantee you will be a part of the inaugural IMCF season in 2020

How much are deposits?

$50 per seat, $150 per club seat, $4,000 for suites

What is the priority for deposits? How will it be based?

All deposits will be prioritized in the order they were placed. Deposit holders will be able to select their seats in early Summer 2019 and will be contacted based on when initial deposit was placed. Reserve now to ensure priority locations before general public availability.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, all deposits are final and will be credited towards your season ticket payment. If you elect not to purchase season tickets, your deposit can be credited towards any IMCF ticket package offered.

Can I change my selection after placing a deposit?

Yes. Once you are contacted by a sales executive, you will be able to customize your order including number of seats and location

Which seats are available?

Premium suites, club seats and general seats will all be available. After placing your deposit, you will contacted to select specific seats.

Will my seats be together?

A deposit must be placed for each seat that you’d like to purchase. You will be able to select your seats based on your deposit timing and we will fulfill requests of seats together.

How many seats can I buy for the 2020 season?

You can place a deposit for a maximum of 8 tickets. Only one account per household is permitted.

When can I select my seats? What are the next steps?

You will be contacted to select your seats in late Summer 2019.

How many seats will I get access to?

Each deposit is valid for one seat. Please place a deposit for the number of season tickets that you intend to purchase.

When will the stadium open?

Our inaugural MLS season will begin in Fort Lauderdale in Spring 2020.

What if I already signed up on the IMCF website ?

All previous sign ups ensure you will receive IMCF email communication. To reserve your seats for the inaugural season, you will still need to place a deposit.

What is the difference between a regular seat, club seat and suite seat?

The specific differences will be outlined when you select your seat, however, a club seat will include extra premium amenities such as larger cushioned seats, extra leg room, and access to a private air conditioned club. A suite includes 12-16 tickets including premium hospitality amenities and your own private space for entertaining

What if I require ADA seating?

ADA Seating Options will be available. Please note this information when you are first contacted by a ticket executive to accommodate your seating

How much do tickets cost?

We expect to announce pricing in early summer 2019. Stay tuned for more information

What if I only want to buy a single match ticket?

Single match tickets (only if available) will go on sale early 2020.

What type of payment options do you accept?

Credit and debit cards are the only method of payment for deposits. Cash or check payments are not permitted

Will there be a payment plan?

Yes, there will be a variety of payment plans available. The most important step in the process is to place your deposit now if you haven’t already.

Do you offer military, senior citizen or other discounts?

These programs will be introduced closer to the inaugural season. Sign up to receive more ticket information by clicking here

Can I reserve tickets offline?

To speak with a team member, please call 305-428-0611

At what age does a child need a ticket?

Children two years and younger are free of charge if they are sharing a seat with an accompanying adult

What if I want to engage with club as a corporate partner?

Please email us at

How do I update my contact information if it changes?

Please email us at

Is there anyone to contact if I have other questions about season tickets?

If you are not ready to place a deposit today and would like to speak with someone for more information, please fill out this form

Contact us for a live representative:

Tel: 305- 428-0611