Head Coach Diego Alonso

Coaching staff and players adapt to continue working at full throttle

In just a matter of days, the world has dramatically changed - with a majority of people needing to find creative solutions to continue working from home. The Technical Staff and players are no exception, as the Club has shifted completely to work from home in order to comply with MLS and health regulations. Inter Miami coaching staff and players swiftly adapted to keep the rhythm going and carry on working as usual. Coaches and first-team members continue preparing individually from a distance now, as they are no longer able to gather at the Inter Miami CF Training Complex.

“That fact that we can’t all be at the training center together doesn’t mean we can’t keep the players busy or keep developing them. It’s not ideal, but we can help the players stay in form. We’re still able to help the players in both their fitness and tactics,“ said Head Coach Diego Alonso via a video call. 

The Uruguayan tactician went more into detail, discussing the types of plans the coaching staff has implemented so that Inter Miami players can stay in peak condition while training individually. 

“We’ve implemented two types of plans, including a fitness plan. It helps them maintain their general form, with exercises that focus on their resistance, speed and with their strength. Fitness Coach Mauricio Marchetti and Sports Scientist Gustavo Metral worked together to implement the fitness plan and we stay in touch with the players every day since they’re all facing unique situations. Some have gyms at home, others don’t. We’re staying in touch with them and seeing what they have available and we’ve developed individual plans for them to stay in shape.”

“We also have a tactical plan that involves conference calls with the players where we give them videos of their performances sorted by position, and in the coming weeks we'll focus on general team tactics, by groups and by area on the pitch so we can see how we've handled tactical situations well, where we need to improve and how we want to handle them going forward.”

To wrap up, Alonso also provided insight into how members of the coaching staff spend their working hours at home to keep the whole operation going.

“We’re permanently monitoring our players. We also do scouting. We spend a lot of time watching our games and training footage, as well as old matches from our players in their previous clubs to analyze their behavior. We’ve dedicated our time to permanently monitoring their health status, physical condition and analyzing videos to be able to improve our performances at a tactical level in the future,” he concluded.

While the current situation remains uncharted territory for us all, fans can find comfort in knowing that the Club continues operational and preparing for what will be a highly anticipated return to the usual rhythm of life. Until then, everyone at Inter Miami will keep pushing forward relentlessly through this challenge.