Lewis Morgan 5.12.20 Training

"It’s a massive step for ourselves and the league" - Lewis Morgan

Inter Miami began voluntary individual training sessions last week amid the ongoing suspension of league play. Following today’s session at Inter Miami CF Training Complex, Scottish winger Lewis Morgan shared his excitement at being back on the field.

“It’s been amazing. It’s a massive step for ourselves and the league to be able to introduce these individual sessions and it’s great to be here, getting that feel for the place again, and your teammates, although obviously at a distance,” he said. “Getting a little bit of normality, even though it’s completely different than what we’re used to, has been great.”

“I think the first thing to highlight is that these sessions are optional, and everybody needs to be comfortable with it and the Club has been very stringent with the protocols and they’re following everything that the league’s put in place. They’re not leaving any stone unturned. When we arrive, we get our temperature taken, hand sanitizer, masks, and only one player approaches the field at a time. You feel very safe, you don’t come into contact with anyone, really,” he added. “It’s been great. I feel very safe that everything has been followed and I think the important thing is that we’re in an environment that if we didn’t feel safe, we could easily say so.”

The MLS season has been suspended since March 12, marking a two month pause to this point. The return of voluntary individual workouts at team facilities marks a first step in the return of the team, and Morgan touched on aiming for a return to competitive action.

“That’s obviously the end goal. I don’t know when that’s going to be and no one knows what the next step is from here, it’s just great that we’ve gotten to this stage where we’re able to use the facilities again and see guys even though we’re at a distance. Hopefully if all the league can follow this protocol, and everyone can follow the protocol that’s been given to them, we can get back to normality that little bit sooner, but for now just being out here has been great.”

The pause on in-person team activities didn’t prevent Morgan or the rest of the team from getting in shape, either, thanks to some excellent work from the Club’s coaching staff.

“I feel as good as ever, [Mauricio Marchetti] and the guys and Gustavo [Metral] all prepared a really tough conditioning program for us that all of the guys have been following with our GPS and things like that so there’s no hiding place. That work that we’ve done whilst we had that break has really served us well and when you see guys here everybody looks in great shape and that can only benefit us going forward.”

Lastly, Morgan shared his appreciation for the healthcare professionals and frontline workers who have dedicated themselves to helping others throughout the pandemic.

“I think in this situation they’re the true heroes. The work they’re doing here, and healthcare professionals all across the world are doing, has just been amazing and obviously we’ve been indebted to them. At the moment, the one thing I would ask everyone to do is follow the government guidelines and make sure we’re doing everything we can to help them.”