Inside Inter Miami Poster

Inside Inter Miami: First Reactions

The first episode of the Inside Inter Miami docuseries will premiere tomorrow, July 1, to the public. A select few, however, were given the opportunity to view the episode before anybody else. The exclusive content takes an intimate look at the moments that shaped the Club behind the scenes and has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Players and staff were among the lucky few to receive early access to the episode, providing them with an opportunity to relive the moments that led them to where they are now. Highly respected media members from top outlets were also among the select group given exclusive access to the episode, giving them the chance to see moments they covered in a professional setting from a new perspective. Lastly, one of the significant voices in MLS, Commissioner Don Garber, also had his say on the project and what it signifies.

Diego Alonso: “I liked it very much because I think it gives a different perspective to what the Club is. It shows the Club since its beginnings, from its roots and that’s something that will last forever, something we’ll remember endlessly. Having a documentary of this magnitude for the Club and its fans is invaluable...Hopefully we can finish this story by filling it with as many titles as possible, but not forgetting everyone who built this team from day one.”

Luis Robles: “This film gives our fans and supporters an opportunity to go behind the scenes and see what was required to make our historic first season at Inter Miami happen…For my family, it was fun to relive the very beginning as we embarked on our new chapter in South Florida. A lot had to happen in order for this organization to take a huge step forward and make history…We want to be the type of franchise that South Florida can be proud of. As you can see in this film, this is the beginning and we have a long way to go, but it’s a good start.”

Wil Trapp: “It does an amazing job of summing up the early parts of this Inter Miami CF project: Where we started back in December, the growth of the group throughout preseason and into the first two games of the season and on top of that, stepping into this trial of quarantine through COVID-19 and how we’re adjusting and finding our feet through that as well. It’s an amazing insight into the Club, into the locker room, seeing the players, the passion, and overall idea that makes up this Club and where we are now and where we want to be...I think it’s a great thing for people to get a feel for what this Club represents, what these players represent and where we’re going.”

Victor Ulloa: “The video is amazing. From the workers to the players, the staff, the owners and the fans, it shows you how many different pieces fall into place in order to create what is the start of Inter Miami, and what it means to everyone. It gives a glimpse of what we have to go through and how we have to adapt to new surroundings as everyone is new to the team. It shows you how we are a family on and off the field and the culture we are trying to create...The video shows how competitive we are and how committed we are to getting results and bringing joy to all the fans that have been waiting for a team here in south Florida.”

Don Garber: “I think it just foreshadows some really, really exciting things to come for fans who have been waiting for years and years to have an MLS team that they can cheer for.”

Fernando Palomo, ESPN Deportes: “It’s very thorough content. The creation of a Club shown through the most important days of its construction: The formation of the team...IMFC relives a dream becoming a reality during the most complicated days of humanity.”

Luis Omar Tapia, TUDN: “It's an impeccable production...It captures the details to perfection, especially the color and passion for fútbol in South Florida.”

Tim Reynolds, Associated Press: “When you watch this, you remember how long a road it was before David Beckham and Jorge Mas’ visions could become a reality by getting this franchise on the field...They’ve persevered through so much already just to get to this point. So, I think Inter Miami fans should find some solace in the fact that even in these times, with the world trying to find whatever the new normal will be in this coronavirus era, they already know that the leadership of their club doesn’t run away from any challenge. David and Jorge have shown that they’re fighters. Diego Alonso coaches with fire and with passion. Paul McDonough is a proven builder and proven winner. I’m not sure what else Inter Miami supporters could ask for right now.”

Salvador Perez, “I want to congratulate the people of Inter Miami for making this documentary that reflects a bit of the vision and the goals of the Club and where they want to go...The team has one of the strongest structures, in financial, sporting and operational terms, football in the United States and it's just the first season and we'll have to wait for what's coming. Inter Miami's documentary reflects everything they're looking for and everything they have, from the foundations, the structure and how far they want to go. Inter Miami is in good hands.”