Member Giveaway- Winner Announced

Higuaín Signed Jersey Winner Announced

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The winner of the latest prize draw won a jersey signed by Gonzalo Higuaín! Congratulations to the lucky winner Julian Parada, who shared the following thoughts on winning the jersey and his support of the Club!

How did you come to be a supporter of Inter Miami?

Following fútbol since I was a little kid, I was excited to see that Miami was going to have a team. It was something that Miami needed and it is finally here. 

How excited are you to eventually see global superstars like Pizarro, Higuain, and Matuidi right here in South Florida?

Definitely looking forward to see what Pizarro, Higuaín and Matuidi can do for this season. Matuidi can bring a lot of experience on the pitch to the younger generations. 

Who is your favorite player on the team, and why?

Favorite player is Matuidi. I was really excited when he signed up for the team. 

What do you plan on doing with the prize?

Frame it and put it on my room! 

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