Academy Graphic 4.30.21

Academy Update: Introducing the Community Cup

One of the core principles of the Inter Miami CF Academy presented by Baptist Health is its commitment to taking an active role in the community. Whether it be through partnerships, campaigns, or events, we look to bring resources and joy to South Florida. As a fútbol club, one of the best ways we can connect is by playing the game we love.        

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Community Cup.                

The tournament-style competition will promote unity within South Florida’s soccer landscape and create additional programming for local clubs regardless of their current league. The event will also open the doors for young players by making Inter Miami’s world class facilities more accessible to them. 

“We’re super excited about the Community Cup. We think it’s an opportunity for a lot of the local clubs to showcase themselves within their own environments, but also get the opportunity to come into the world class facility that we have, and for us to be able to share that with some of the young players in South Florida, but within a competitive meaningful format. We’re looking forward to getting the cup off the ground in the fall in September,” said Inter Miami CF Director of Player Development Darren Powell.

The Cup will feature 10 teams per age group, across the U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, and U-17 levels. The Inter Miami Academy teams, meanwhile, will each play one year above their age group. 

“The bottom line is it gives them more meaningful games alongside their already competitive schedule.”

Teams will play one game per month in the group stage beginning in September, with the top two finishers from the groups of five advancing to the semifinals. The semifinals and final will be held in March and April at the Inter Miami CF Training center.

“What we really hope to do is provide opportunities for young players from as many clubs as possible,” added Powell. “By giving these athletes a chance to participate, we believe the Community Cup will encourage South Florida clubs and their players to grow in every facet of the game.

“It takes a community to build soccer players. It’s not one individual or one coach, it takes a whole community and that’s what we’re trying to encourage.”

The application process for the tournament will begin in May. All local non-MLS NEXT clubs will have the ability to apply. 

You can follow our Academy’s journey, including updates on the Community Cup when it begins in September, by following our Twitter account @InterMiamiAcad or via Instagram @InterMiamiCF_Academy.