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 Season Ticket DEPOSIT FAQs

Why do I need to place a deposit for Season Tickets?

  • Deposits are the only way to guarantee you will have access to purchase a Season Ticket for the 2020 season. After placing a deposit you will be given the opportunity to select your specific section/seat based on availability.

How much are Season Ticket Deposits?

  • $50 per General Seat, $150 per Club Seat, $4,000 per Suite.

What is the priority for deposits? How will it be based?

  • All deposits will be prioritized in the order they were placed. Deposit holders will be able to select their seats starting in late September and will be contacted based on when the initial deposit was placed. Reserve now to ensure priority locations for seat selection.

Is my deposit refundable?

  • No, all deposits are final and will be credited towards your season ticket payment. If you elect not to purchase season tickets, your deposit can be credited towards any ticket package offered by the club.

Can I change my selection after placing a deposit?

  • Yes. Once you are contacted by a sales executive, you will be able to customize your order including total number of seats and location within the stadium.

Can I transfer my deposit to someone else before selecting tickets?

  • No, all deposits are non-transferrable.

Will my seats be together?

  • A deposit must be placed for each seat that you’d like to purchase. You will be able to select your seats based on your deposit timing and we will fulfill requests of seats together.

How many deposits can I buy for the 2020 season?

  • You can place a deposit for a maximum of 8 tickets. Only one account per household is permitted.

How many seats will I get access to?

  • Each deposit is valid for one seat. Please place a deposit for the number of season tickets that you intend to purchase.

When will the stadium open?

  • Our inaugural MLS season will begin in Fort Lauderdale in Spring 2020.

What if I require ADA seating?

  • ADA Seating Options will be available. Please note this information when you are first contacted by a ticket executive to accommodate your seating.

What if I only want to buy a single match ticket?

  • Single match tickets (only if available) will go on sale early 2020.

What type of payment options do you accept?

  • Credit and debit cards are the only method of payment for deposits. Cash or check payments are not permitted.
 General Ticketing FAQs

How many matches are included in full season membership packages?

  • Each membership includes all Inter Miami CF regular season home matches (17 total)

What type of handicap accessible seating will be offered at Fort Lauderdale stadium?

  • Fort Lauderdale Stadium will be fully ADA compliant and will provide fans with seating options that best suit their needs.  Please contact a member of the IMCF front office team for more information.

What other type of events will take place at Fort Lauderdale Stadium?

  • Fort Lauderdale Stadium will host numerous types of events, including but not limited to: international friendlies, other sporting matches, concerts, community festivals, etc.

What access will I have to purchase non-Inter Miami CF events at Fort Lauderdale Stadium?

  • Each non-Inter Miami CF event will be handled on an event-by-event basis. The Club will work in the best interest of our fans to secure pre-sale access for as many events as possible.

Can I exchange my tickets for games I did not attend?

  • Inter Miami CF will offer an official resale marketplace for fans that cannot use their tickets. While not guaranteed to sell, this is the best option for fans that cannot attend a game.

Will I receive a season ticket book?

  • No. Inter Miami CF tickets (season, group, single) will be completely paperless. Mobile-only entry is not only more environmentally friendly, but it is also the safest, most convenient and flexible approach to ticketing in today’s entertainment world. More information on mobile-only entry will be provided early in 2020.

How do I get my tickets?

  • Digital tickets can be managed on the Inter Miami CF app launching in 2020.

Do you offer military, senior citizen or other discounts?

  • These programs will be introduced closer to the inaugural season.

Can I reserve tickets offline?

  • Yes, to speak with a team member please call 305-428-0611.

At what age does a child need a ticket?

  • Children two years or younger are free of charge if they are sharing a seat with an accompanying adult.

How do I update my contact information if it has changed?

Who should I contact if I want more information?

  • Please contact our team members who are happy to assist you further by calling 305-428-0611

What is premium seating?

  • Premium seating includes the field-level suites, Heron Club and northwest club at Fort Lauderdale Stadium. These membership types give fans the ultimate matchday experience with all-inclusive food and beverage as well as other VIP benefits.

How many premium seats are available at Fort Lauderdale Stadium?

  • Fort Lauderdale Stadium will have twenty-three field-level suites and approximately 2,300 premium seats.

How much are Season Ticket Deposits?

  • $50 per General Seat, $150 per Club Seat, $4,000 per Suite.

How many suites do you have available at Fort Lauderdale Stadium?

  • Fort Lauderdale Stadium has twenty-three field-level luxury suites.

How many suites are still available?

  • A limited number remain. Please email to learn more about available locations and nightly rental options.

How much do suites cost?

  • Please contact a member of our sales and service team today to learn about available pricing.
 Seat Selection FAQs

How are deposit holder seat selection windows determined?

  • All deposit holders will receive an appointment time to select their seats for the 2020 season at Fort Lauderdale Stadium. Your personal appointment time information, as well as your selection site log-in information, will be sent via email 72 hours prior to your seat selection time.  Deposit holders that do not receive an email from the Club should call 305-428-0611 and ask to speak with an Inter Miami CF team member.

How do I select my seat?

  • Option One – Go online during your designated window and select your seats! (Recommended option) Option Two – Call your personal Inter Miami CF connection during your designated window to select your seat over the phone.

How long do I have to select my seats?

  • Deposit holders will be assigned a specific group window to select their seats.  We anticipate each exclusive window will be between 24 and 48 hours for each grouping of deposit holders.

What happens during my appointment time?

  • During your appointment time, you will be able to view every seat available for selection within your deposit level and above (if available).  You have the freedom of choice to select your seat location wherever you would like, based on availability.

Do I have to pick my seats in my designated time slot?

  • No.  While appointment times are distributed to each fan, you do not need to complete your selection in your designated window.  You simply have a head start over the next deposit holder group.  For that reason, it is likely that you will see seat inventory changing during your appointment time as deposit holders who were able to select before you make their selections.

Will I be able to change my seat selection after I pick?

  • Yes.  Following the conclusion of the seat selection process, a window will be provided to full season members to relocate to open seat locations.

Will there be partial plans at Fort Lauderdale Stadium?

  • Partial ticket plans are not currently offered but Inter Miami CF will review partial ticket options at a future date.

What is the process of adding additional seats?

  • Each deposit holder will have the opportunity to add additional seats during the seat selection process.  A maximum of eight (8) season tickets may be placed per account.

Can I upgrade my deposit to a higher seat category?

  • General and supporter deposit holders will be provided an opportunity to upgrade their seats at the time of their online seat selection window. Due to high demand in our premium seating sections, all upgrades are pending availability. Fans wishing to upgrade to premium seating prior to the seat selection window should contact their personal Inter Miami CF connection today.

Can I downgrade my deposit to a lower price category?

  • Fans that would like to select a price level below their initial deposit must call their personal Inter Miami CF connection. Fans will not be allowed to downgrade online.

Can I drop (reduce) the number of deposits I have?

  • Fans that would like to select seats less than their original deposit number will need to call their personal Inter Miami CF connection. Your total initial investment will be credited towards your final balance. (Example – you placed 3 general deposits, $150 total, and select 2 season tickets. The $50 from the third deposit will be credited towards your total balance due).

Do I need to purchase season tickets in Fort Lauderdale to have seats at Miami Freedom Park?

  • Fans that have season tickets with Inter Miami in Fort Lauderdale will have first access to select the best seats at Miami Freedom Park.  Due to demand, we cannot guarantee that fans without season tickets in Fort Lauderdale will have access to seats at MFP.

What payment plan options will Inter Miami CF offer?

  • Inter Miami CF remains committed to providing fans an opportunity to support our Club by providing flexible payment options. Pay in full – pay the full amount due today and don’t worry about another payment for the rest of the 2020 season. Monthly payment plan – Have payments divided equally between the time of seat selection and July 1, 2020. Payments will be charged on the 1st of every month.

Will my seat location be assigned to me, or can I pick my own seat location?

  • All deposit holders are allowed to select their own seats at Fort Lauderdale Stadium (rather than receiving pre-assigned seats).

When will I need to pay for my seats?

  • Payment will be due at the time of seat selection by selecting one of our fan friendly payment options.

I would like to split payments with a friend, is that an option?

  • During the initial seat selection process, fans may only use one form of payment. After seat selection has concluded, fans will need to designate one primary card for each account, which will be used for the auto-renewal payments.  Please contact your personal Inter Miami CF connection before each payment date to designate how to split payments across multiple cards.  The primary card on the account will be the default card used for payments unless indicated otherwise.

What is the refund policy?

  • Inter Miami CF full season members may only receive a refund for future matches in the event of deployment for active military duty, relocation outside a 100-mile radius of Fort Lauderdale for employment or in the event of an untimely severe illness or passing.

When do I renew my seats for the 2021 season?

  • All full season memberships will be enrolled for the auto-renewal of memberships for future seasons. Each year upon receipt of your renewal invoice, fans will have three weeks to opt-out of full-season memberships. The renewal invoices will include instructions for how to opt-out during this period and opt-outs will only be valid when submitted according to those instructions. Seats for the following year will be released from each account following receipt of the opt-out notice, but fans will keep their seats through the end of the season, including retaining the option to purchase MLS Cup playoff tickets, when applicable.

When will gates open?

  • 90 minutes before kickoff.

When do most MLS games take place?

  • Most MLS matches will take place on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The MLS schedule is set to be announced in early 2020. We anticipate the majority of our home matches will be played at 7pm or later.

Can I walk around the entire concourse?

  • Yes

What kind of pre-game experiences will be available for fans outside the stadium?

  • Inter Miami CF is designing a festival open to all fans prior to each home match. More details will be shared closer to the first ever Inter Miami CF home match.

What experiences will be available post game?

  • More information about post match festivities will be shared closer to the first ever Inter Miami CF home match.

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