2024 Season Ticket Deposit Holder FAQ


How does deposit seat selection work? 

  • Those who placed 2024 Season Ticket Deposits will be allotted a selection time based on the time-date stamp of the deposit. You will receive an email with your selection time and the link to log in to buy. Please log in using the email address associated with the deposits you purchased. You will be able to view available inventory then, and can select your desired location. Your deposit amount (excluding fees and taxes) will be applied to the membership you select. 

When will I get to select my seats?

  • Your seat selection time will be emailed to you on November 1. Once your window opens, it will remain open through the process.

What if I don’t want to do it online? 

  • That’s OK! You can also select seats over the phone with your assigned account representative. In order to keep your time window priority, we recommend scheduling a phone call prior to your seat selection window to decide what area and price range you would like to purchase well in advance of your time slot.

What if I missed my selection window?

  • Once your seat selection window opens, it will stay open for the remainder of the deposit selection process. Please note, inventory can change at any time and we cannot guarantee specific seat availability.

Can I purchase more/less seats than deposits I placed?

  • In order to protect the integrity of the time-date stamp, you will only be allowed to select up to the number of deposits you placed. For example, if you placed four [4] deposits, you can select up to four seats during your selection window. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

  • Of course! We offer an 8-month interest free payment plan.

How do I access a season parking for 2024? 

  • Parking options will be communicated at a later date with lot locations, member pricing and annual passes sent via email to all Season Ticket Members based on availability. Parking availability will be offered to members with priority being given based on tenure at the club.

How can I access my tickets once I purchase them? 

  • Once tickets are uploaded to accounts, you’ll be able to access tickets via the Inter Miami CF App or through your account manager page on Ticketmaster. You will not see your tickets until after the 2024 MLS Season Schedule has been announced. You will receive information from the team once your tickets are ready to view.