Academy Training Dec. 2020

From the inception of the Inter Miami CF Academy presented by Baptist Health, our Club has understood the importance of scouting and developing local South Florida talent. With that idea in mind, the Academy established one of its primary resources: the Discovery Program.

The Discovery Program aims to find local players who fit the Club’s criteria for an Inter Miami Academy player to add to the Club’s talent pool:

● Top Talent Potential

● Consistent Performance in Trainings and Games 

● Most Effective Player in their Age Group

● Competes at a High Level

● Brings Intensity to Training

● Deals with Pressure Well

● Adaptable and Coachable

● Reliable and Dependable

Now, with the start of the new season, the program has continued its progress and begun to bear fruit. Of the current Academy roster, 15 players on our U-12 teams, four players on our U-13 team, four players on our U-14 team and two players on our U-15 team came from the Discovery Program.

The program will continue to scout local talent throughout the season in hopes of finding more players to invite to the Inter Miami CF Academy. The players who are in the program’s pool will remain with their current teams for the season, which allows them to grow with their current team without disrupting their progress with the club. This means that any additions to Inter Miami CF Academy teams from this pool will occur at the end of each season.

Notably, just in September, seven scouts covered 48 matches ranging from the U-11 to the U-17 group across just three matchday weekends. A total of 68 different teams across four different counties were scouted throughout the process.

“We’re looking for a special quality or trait that, at that age, may set them apart. It can be general ability, speed, intelligence, etc,” said Academy scout and coach Giuseppe De Palo.

“We ask them to just enjoy themselves and have fun and do what they do best.”

For additional coverage of our team, you can follow our academy’s journey online by following our Twitter account @InterMiamiAcad or via Instagram @InterMiamiCF_Academy.