Blaise Matuidi and Diego Alonso in Training

Inter Miami announced the signing of record-breaking goalscorer and three-time LaLiga and Serie A winner Gonzalo Higuaín. The forward most recently played for Juventus FC in Italy, where he was teammates with Inter Miami midfielder Blaise Matuidi.

Together, the pair featured as teammates 76 times for Juventus, with Higuaín totaling 25 goals and nine assists while Matuidi registered five goals and three assists in the process. They will also make Inter Miami the only MLS team to feature two FIFA World Cup finalists.

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The French midfielder was pleased to welcome Higuaín to South Florida, citing his potency in front of goal and personality on and off the field as reasons for fans to be excited.

“We are very happy for Gonzalo. He’s a very good player who scores a lot of goals. He brings a lot of experience and will help the team to be better and better,” said Matuidi. “I’ve known him for four years and I know what kind of player he is. You’ll see a good striker and an amazing fútbol player and a good person.”

Inter Miami manager Diego Alonso was also pleased to welcome this world-class caliber player to his squad as the team continues to push for success in its inaugural season.

“I’m very happy that the Club was able to sign a player of such quality and such pedigree. I’m also looking forward to everything that’s ahead. Little by little we’re building a great team. Little by little we’re fulfilling the promises the Club has made and what we wanted from the squad building,” said Alonso. “So, we’re happy with Gonzalo and with our management that has been doing big things so that the Club can be competitive.”

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The Uruguayan tactician believes that Higuaín will help bring the clinical attitude necessary to help the team score goals and help groom his younger teammates in his position.

“Without a doubt his goalscoring ability will help us cover an area in which we have been looking for somebody to help us improve,” said Alonso. “The expectation is that he’ll be a number nine, a striker that helps us be more clinical in attack. He’ll bring a lot of experience, helping us because we have a lot of young players in that position, players that are very valuable but need time to continue to grow. I think that with Gonzalo’s arrival, those players will benefit from the time they need. They’ll get the space and time to continue to improve. Gonzalo’s arrival signifies pedigree both in the present and in the future.”

“He has incredible quality, he has played on the best teams in the world and on all of them he’s been a starter, he’s been a difference maker, he’s been important and he’s kept a lot of really talented players on the bench. That speaks to his pedigree and to his ambition to play for the best teams in the world, to compete well, to win titles and to always fight for a place in the starting XI,” he added.

With Higuaín in the squad, Alonso is excited for what is to come. The manager shared his excitement for the remainder of the 2020 campaign and beyond, as well as his delight with the ambition of the Club.

“The Club’s ambition is extraordinary. We’ve taken our time to bring in players because we wanted to bring in players of this level. We’ll keep taking the necessary time to build good squads. We’ll try to have sufficient patience,” concluded Alonso. “You have to understand that the goal is much further ahead. Building a team to win matches is often simple, it doesn’t take a lot of effort. To build a champion takes time, it takes ingenuity, hard work and finding the pieces that fit perfectly to make the machine function smoothly.”