Beckham on Mayor Suarez’ #CafecitoTalk: “Miami was always the place and the city for me”

Beckham on Mayor Suarez’ #CafecitoTalk 25.1.21

Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham recently joined City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez for the first episode of his new talk show #CafecitoTalk. Beckham took the opportunity to thank the mayor for his support in helping bring the Club to Miami and showed his delight at seeing the Inter Miami project come to fruition over the past years. 

“Firstly, I want to say thank you to you because of the commitment you have shown us as a Club, as a franchise, as a team and as a family. The commitment that you have shown us over the years, how much you’ve thought of us as well, I think that’s a huge part in why we have succeeded,” said Beckham.

“Miami was always the place and the city for me. I always wanted to bring a team here and I must admit that over the last eight years there’s been lots of challenges, but in the last two years we have achieved something incredible. To have built a state-of-the-art training facility and an incredible stadium, one that our fans and our players are proud of, is a huge achievement. This was my dream and this was always my city. That was my commitment, and when I make a commitment to people, I like to achieve anything. I’m very proud of it,” he added.  

Beckham also had words of praise for the City of Miami, as its rapid growth reassures him that it's the right place to develop a successful fútbol team. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city change so much so quickly as I’ve seen in Miami. The stuff that you’ve been doing, the stuff that I’ve been seeing that’s changing around Miami is really incredible. That’s why I wanted to bring the team here. I don’t just want to bring a team here for five years and then disappear, this is my long-term commitment,” explained Beckham. “The change that’s happening in Miami is incredible. We want to be one of the first global MLS teams and that’s achievable because there’s so much happening within this city.”

Mayor Suarez, meanwhile, is thankful for the hard work done by the Inter Miami ownership group in the process of bringing first division fútbol back to South Florida, and is looking forward to the benefits Miami Freedom Park will bring for the city. 

“It's an honor to have people like you in our city, to [have people like you] believe in our city and love our city. In any venture there is always a leap of faith, and when I saw the training facility, it gave me the sense of ‘I’m doing the right thing.’ It made me understand that it is an ownership group that can deliver, and it has delivered,” he expressed.

“For us [Miami Freedom Park] is sort of a no brainer… If we can get what happened in Fort Lauderdale to happen here in Miami, I think we’re going to have radically changed our city for the better for a long time. We’re all going to be able to sit here and realize how many lives we’ve improved, not just with the jobs that you’re going to be creating here, but with the fans who will enjoy championship caliber fútbol,” Mayor Suarez concluded.