Touchline Talk

Inter Miami endured a difficult 1-5 loss against Nashville SC. Given the result, head coach Phil Neville wants the squad to quickly regroup and focus on finding how to get back to winning ways.

“We’ve got to regroup over the next two days, go again...We’ve got to make sure we’re working on our mentality to actually want to do the things in fútbol that will make you successful,” said Neville.

Neville emphasized the defensive qualities that the team needs to maintain in order to become and remain successful.

“Being hard to beat, defending crosses, blocking shots, staying with runners, if we do that we will win games. We’ve proven that over the last two months.” 

Midfielder Jay Chapman reiterated these points and ensured that the team will return to training motivated and ready to work hard in order to bounce back in the league. 

“We have to get back on the training pitch and hone in on what has gotten us results in the past games before,” said Chapman.

“[We have to] make sure that when we come into training this weekend, we’re ready to work and we’re ready to turn a new leaf because it’s a very important stretch for us. That’s all we can do at this point.”

Neville knows that the team has what it takes to get positive results and believes it is just a matter of returning to that mindset and implementing it on the pitch. 

“We’ve had four games with four clean sheets, so we’ve got good experience over the last month of doing it and doing it well. We just need to get back to that, and it’s not getting back to that when they want, it’s getting back to that now,” he concluded.