Club Launches Inter Miami CF WhatsApp Channel!


Inter Miami CF is happy to launch the Club’s WhatsApp channel, where fans can find exclusive content, gameday updates, ticketing information, and more!

Fans from all around the world are welcome to join, helping keep the community up to date with all things Inter Miami. 

This WhatsApp feature facilitates group members to receive notifications about Club activities in a simple and secure manner. The Inter Miami CF WhatsApp Channel serves as a unidirectional communication platform through which administrators can dispatch text, photos, videos, stickers, and surveys to all their subscribers. Users will discover a new tab labeled "Updates," where they can access information from the channels they opt to follow, distinctly separated from their regular chats with friends, family, and communities. Make sure your WhatsApp notifications are on to receive access to our never-before-seen Club content with no problem. 

This new platform will be the perfect addition to your fan experience, as it will bring you closer to the team. Don’t miss out, join our channel HERE.