eMLS Season Recap: IMCF_DonBorrello Closes Out First Season as Inter Miami CF’s eMLS athlete


Inter Miami CF’s eMLS athlete IMCFDonBorrello closed out his first season with the team by competing in the Last Chance Qualifier for the 2023 eMLS Cup on March 11. Borrello fell in the  group stage and was unable to secure the 12th and final spot in the 2023 eMLS Cup.

The Last Chance Qualifiers markes Borrello’s third eMLS and LAN (local area network) event since signing for Inter Miami following his participation this season in League Series 1 and League Series 2, in which he capped off an impressive display by placing second in the group stage and advancing to eMLS League Series Two broadcast which was live streamed on the MLS’s official Twitch and Twitter channels on the second day of competition.

“Reflecting on my first season as an eMLS athlete, it was an unreal experience to compete at the highest level in NA. Given that I did not have experience on LAN coming into this season I believe I did well. I started off slow in LS1, but picked it up in LS2 and made the broadcast,” said  Borrello. “There’s still a lot to work on and making one broadcast is not enough for me so I’m looking forward to keep improving my game to be consistent in making knockouts in upcoming tournaments. I know I have the potential to compete amongst the best and gaining these experiences is needed in competitions like these."

What’s Next?

Borrello will now take on fellow eMLS athletes throughout Inter Miami’s season. Fans can follow the action live on Inter Miami’s  YouTube and Twitch channels.

“Now that the eMLS season is over, the fans can look forward to more streams during the week and weekends with me playing FIFA 23! Creating content on Twitch and other platforms is something I have a lot of passion for, so I’m looking forward to keeping doing that.”

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