Gonzalo Higuaín Training Action Shot 9.18.20

Inter Miami announced the signing of record-breaking goal scorer Gonzalo Higuaín as the team’s third Designated Player ahead of the next phase of the MLS regular season. The Argentine forward chose to join Inter Miami over a host of options, citing his excitement for the Club’s project and ambition.

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The Club sat down with Higuaín following his signing to hear his thoughts on joining Inter Miami in its inaugural season. Here is what he had to say.

Q: What went through your head knowing that this was officially your new home?

A: First of all, I want to thank Inter Miami for the effort it has made to sign me. I think it will be a beautiful experience in my life. It’s what I was looking for - a new experience, a new league and a beautiful city. I’m really happy to be here and that it’s official.

Q: What are your individual goals here at Inter Miami?

A: My goals are to grow the team, be able to compete and help the Club grow with my experience that I’ve gained in Europe after so many years. I think there’s a good base and good pieces to be able to do big things. I hope I can contribute and that the team can gain more confidence and earn positive results. I think there are things to improve and I’m very excited to be here.

Q: Your signing is truly historic for MLS, what was the biggest driving factor in your decision to come here? 

A: I’ve been watching MLS for many years because of my brother [D.C. United’s Federico Higuaín]. It’s always been a league that interested me, that I’ve looked at fondly and after talking to my brother and my family, I think it’s a good time to come here. I feel good, I feel whole as a player. I’m motivated to try a new league and help the team grow. Individually, my goal is to demonstrate that I can contribute and continue playing great fútbol here, and I hope I can achieve that because I have all the tools necessary to succeed. 

Q: What excites you most about the potential of this team and this club?

A: It excites me that this is a new club with ambition to grow and do things well. It’s a beautiful place to be able to play...I think there’s a good team here to be able to do important things.

Q: You have already met manager Diego Alonso, who has had a lot of success in North America, winning Concacaf titles and titles in Mexico, what have your first impressions of him been?

A: He’s a good person. I like his style of coaching. I saw a training session and I liked how he coaches, the drills he did, how passionate he is about the sessions. Clearly, talking with him has motivated me and I’m happy to be able to share a team with him. Hopefully we can do big things.

Q: Carranza, Pellegrini, Figal, González Pirez – there are a number of Argentinian players on the roster, is it a little more special for you to join a team with so many of your countrymen?

A: It’s nice. It’s good for the adaptation. I’ve known Leandro [González Pirez] for many years. The other guys I don’t know them yet, but I know who they are and it’s nice to be able to join a team with a lot of my compatriots. 

Q: In your words, what has been the key to your success as a goal-scorer all these years?

A: Training. Training, perfecting my craft, the desire to improve on anything I did wrong, never give up, never lose the motivation or the desire to continue to learn. As good of a player as you might be, or as much as you have played at the elite levels, there’s always motivation to continue to improve.

Q: What about Inter Miami’s identity has caught your attention after watching some of the team’s matches? 

A: The style of play caught my attention. The team always tries to play and create goal scoring opportunities which also motivated me to come here. It’s a team in construction but there is already a good base to reach important goals.

Q: There is a lot of joy in South Florida about your arrival, what message do you have for the fans?

A: To have confidence in this team and the project, that we’re doing things well, that we have a good base to achieve important things, that we’ll always try to give it all on the field, that we’ll always give our maximum to do things well and grow this team.

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