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Inter Miami returns to DRV PNK Stadium for the final time this year to play its last home match of the 2021 regular season on Saturday, Oct. 30 against New York City FC. 

Ahead of the upcoming match, midfielder Federico Higuaín announced that he will retire at the end of the season.

​​“I'd love to play my entire life. I don't think any player wants to go through this but that's fútbol. That's life. Everything comes to an end and now it's time to close this chapter and hopefully continue to grow inside the world of fútbol,” said Higuaín.


Reflecting on his decorated career, Higuaín shared how special it is to end his career with Inter Miami. 

"It's been a great joy. It was another Club that gave me another opportunity to play at a pretty advanced age for a fútbol player and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I've had the opportunity to play with great players and play with young guys with big dreams ahead of them. It's been another nice year where together we tried to do our best and hopefully we can do that tomorrow,” he expressed.

Federico Higuaín Announces his Retirement at the end of the 2021 Season 

Higuaín also highlighted the importance of being able to finish off his career sharing the pitch with his younger brother, Gonzalo Higuaín.

“It was very nice being with my brother and playing fútbol together, and when we did, I have the peace of mind that we did it well, [that we accomplished] what we dreamed when we were little of playing fútbol together and know that we could do it well. We're at peace knowing we weren't wrong,” he shared. “As I said before, everything comes to an end. I’m 37-years-old, I’ve been thinking about making this decision all year and after being able to enjoy playing alongside him during this time, I think it's the right moment, but obviously it was nice for myself, for him and for the rest of the family.”


Head coach Phil Neville shared his sentiments about the midfielder, what he has meant for the team these past seasons and how the team plans to celebrate his last match at DRV PNK.

“What I think, you come across special players and you come across special people, and he is one of those people. Tomorrow he will captain. He will lead the side, he will lead the side out. That’s a given. Gregore suggested that to me, and wanted that and I think that was a good, great gesture,” said Neville.

Looking ahead to the upcoming match, Neville dedicated the final home match of the 2021 regular season to Inter Miami’s unwavering supporters and Higuaín.

“Winning the game for our supporters, first and foremost... The last home game was incredible support; tomorrow will be even better. So tomorrow is about the supporters and it’s about Federico. Nobody else,” he concluded.