Get to Know IMCF_Pabs ahead of eMLS Cup


IMCF_Pabs will represent Inter Miami CF in eMLS Cup this weekend. Entering his second season with the club, today marks Pabs first appearance on the national stage for eMLS Cup. Ahead of the big competition, get to know Pabs through a Q&A covering everything from his best moment with the club, his biggest motivator and his favorite player on Inter Miami.

Fans can tune into the 2022 eMLS Cup on Sunday on the official MLS Twitch and Twitter channels. This year’s edition will feature squad streaming for the opening rounds, allowing viewers to view up to four matches at once.

Pabs first match up at eMLS Cup is against Joksan from Nashville SC at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday. The full bracket for the tournament is available here. The winner of the first round match up will face No. 1 seed, GoalMachine from Toronto FC. Read the full match preview here.

Q: Favorite moment since you signed with IMCF?
Pabs: Definitely Day 2 of 2022 eMLS League Series 2 when I secured top six and now of course, heading to eMLS Cup at SXSW.

Q: Desired formation in EA SPORTS FIFA?
Pabs: My desired formations are 4-2-2-2 and 4-4-2.

Q: Favorite card that you have played with so far on FIFA 22?
Pabs: Headliner Mbappe because of the upgrades his player card has received.

Q: First reaction when you saw the Inter Miami CF Heartbeat Kit for the first time?
Pabs: It was an incredible feeling; I believe it can be one of the best kits in Major League Soccer! I cannot wait to wear it during eMLS Cup this weekend and use it in-game play later this year.

Q: Biggest inspiration in the esports and fútbol world?
Pabs: Biggest inspiration in the esports world is say AndoniiPM from Atletico Madrid. In the Fútbol world, Lionel Messi because of how efficient he has been over the years and all the achievements he has accomplished throughout his career.

Q: What/Who Motivates you?
Pabs: My mother is the number one person that motivates me.

Q: Exact moment you knew you wanted to be a professional EA SPORTS FIFA player?
Pabs: When I played in two North American qualifiers in Fifa 20, I proved to myself I could play at the highest level in North America.

Q: Favorite player on Inter Miami CF?
Pabs: My favorite player on Inter Miami right now has to be Gregore. He shows everything you need in a captain and more.

Q: Pre-match routine?
Pabs: Listen to my favorite songs, get a good stretch in, and get some fresh air.

Q: Have you ever been to Austin?
Pabs: I have never been to Austin, so I am extremely excited that my first time in Austin is to be part of the eMLS Cup.

Q: After five virtual eMLS events, what are you most excited about in finally competing in an in-person event?
Pabs: This will be my first LAN (local area network) event ever and I cannot wait to compete in-person. I am extremely excited to be able to represent Inter Miami at the biggest stage of North America FIFA 22.

Q: Who from Inter Miami do you believe was underrated in their FIFA rating this year?
Pabs: Gregore by far. Gregore is a silver and he should at least be a gold.

Q: If you could play against any Inter Miami CF first team player in an eFriendly, who would it be and why?
Pabs: DeAndre Yedlin because it seems like he plays FIFA a ton.

Q: eMLS Pro that you are most looking forward to seeing compete / meeting with at eMLS?
Pabs: I am looking forward to meeting all the eMLS competitors from our group of friends (Narnia esports). They know who they are!

Q: Closet friend in the field of eMLS participants?
Pabs: I speak with KING CJ0 and Mo the most in regards to tactics, gameplay, and other day-to-day gaming topics. FIFA has helped me develop a strong friendship in the scene and I am extremely grateful. Nonetheless, I can consider all the eMLS participants from Narnia very close friends.