Get to Know Inter Miami’s eMLS Athlete IMCF_DonBorrello


IMCF_DonBorrello, currently competing in his first season for Inter Miami CF, is set to participate in the eMLS Cup Last Chance Qualifier this weekend as he looks to secure a spot in the 2023 eMLS Cup. Borrello will face three group stage matches on Saturday, March 11 starting at 12:30 p.m. ET at Q2 Stadium, home of Austin FC.

Before representing the Club at the competition, get to know IMCF_DonBorrello through a Q&A that covers his favorite moments since joining the club, his motivations and what he’s most excited for this year’s eMLS Cup.

Fans will be able to tune into the action of the Last Chance Qualifiers live on Inter Miami’s Twitch and YouTube channels. If you want to follow IMCF_DonBorrelo, here are his Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and join his discord channel.

Q: Favorite moments since joining IMCF?

Borrello: “Qualifying for the group in eMLS League Series 2 and representing the club on the big stage! Also coming to DRV PNK Stadium, experiencing the atmosphere, experiencing a game in Miami, talking with a lot of fans there, getting along with people, making new friends, watching the game and even playing outside with the fans. It was a crazy experience, so it’s definitely up there.”

Q: First impressions when attending your first IMCF match?

Borrello: “The vibe and the energy at DRV PNK Stadium is just different. The fans are actually fans and they want to see their team win. Everyone's [La Familia] like a diehard fan and everyone’s just having fun, going crazy, enjoying the match, and cheering the team on. They have like all these chants where everyone's in tune. It’s like the whole stadium is one against the opposing team.”

Q: Favorite IMCF player?

Borrello: “My top one is Nico Stefanelli. That's my guy. I love the way he plays. And you know what, he does remind me of [Wesley] Sneijder because he's like that small little CAM that’s really shifty and he plays aggressive. He wants to attack when he gets the ball. I actually love that about him.”

Q: You’re taking ten penalties against Drake Callender, how many are you scoring?

Borrello: “I’m going to give myself a little room for error but I’m gonna say I’m scoring nine!”

Q: Desired formation in EA SPORTS FIFA 2023?

Borrello: “My favorite formation is the 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2. But I’ll say my favorite formation throughout all FIFAs is the 4-4-2.”

Q: Favorite card that you have played with so far on FIFA 23?

Borrello: “It’s got to be the Icon Team of the Year Ruud Gullit. He’s just crazy and kind of makes the game easier. There’s no limits with that card!"

Q: What/Who motivates you?

Borrello: “I guess my passion for video games and my passion for soccer. It's pretty much the two things I love the most in life right now.”

Q: How do you envision yourself as a streamer on Twitch?

Borrello: “I want to be one of the best at the game [FIFA] so I could provide content. But I also want to create a community that I’m close with and have that connection with my chat. I don’t want to be someone that's just playing games while people are watching me. I actually want to have that relationship with my viewers.”

Q: What do you think about your fans watching your streams?

Borrello: “It's just cool to know that there are guys out there who really look forward to my streams.”

Q: How did the two tournaments in Ontario define the moment you wanted to be a professional EA SPORTS FIFA player?

Borrello: “From doing well in those two tournaments, it kind of showed me that I do have the skill. I just have to put in the work.”

Q: Pre-match routine?

Borrello: “Listening to music and locking in.”

Q: What are you most excited for in the MLS Cup in Austin?

Borrello: “I remember watching last year on Twitch and it just looked incredible. Like in the stadium, walking in and seeing everyone's jerseys lined up and then the stage, the fans, the whole competitive tournament; It just looked unreal. So being part of this now, I'm just super excited for the whole experience and excited to play so I could get on that main stage.”

Q: How did your approach change from the first day of League Series 1?

Borrello: “Yeah the approach is different for me because now I know how the games are and I know the competitiveness of it. The main thing for me is don’t be nervous when playing because when you’re not nervous, you play much better.”

Q: Favorite kit?

Borrello: “I’m not gonna lie, probably the Heartbeat Kit. I love it!”