As Inter Miami CF gears up for a thrilling 2023 season, the team’s recent signings are settling in their new surroundings as they enter a new chapter of their careers in South Florida. Among them we find young striker Jake LaCava, who was signed by the Club during the offseason in December 2022.

Get to know all about the 22-year-old New Milford, Connecticut born attacker below!

How do you feel about this new chapter in your career as an Inter Miami CF player?

“I’m really excited for the challenge in this new chapter in my career as an Inter Miami player. I’m excited for the opportunity at hand and I’m looking forward to getting going, getting the season underway and putting in the work.”

What were your first impressions upon arriving at the Club and touring its facilities?

“My first impressions about the Club were just that everything is amazing. The facilities are unbelievable, the guys have been fantastic overall, and one thing that stood out is the mentality. Having Phil [Neville] come in and talk to everybody and get a feel for what the expectations are this year, I felt really excited to be a part of it and I think everybody has the same goal for this year moving forward. The vibe around the Club is really positive and I’m looking forward to working with everybody this year and attacking our goals for the season.”

What are your individual goals in your first year at the Club?

“I think goals for individual players are super important in terms of improving and overall becoming a better player every day. I like to set quite high goals for myself and this being my first year with the team, I want to come in and leave a good impression and be a hard worker and ultimately help the team the best I can. I want to get on the scoresheet as much as I can this year and help my team, whether it's with goals or assists.”

Tell us about yourself as a player.

“As a player I’m dynamic, I’m pretty direct in terms of when I get the ball I like going forward with it. I like being in the final third taking players on one versus one, using my speed to get at guys and ultimately move the game forward. I like to think that I bring intensity to the game with my pressing and workrate on defense as well as offense. I like to add excitement and ultimately try to make the game as exciting as possible for the fans and for our team as well.”

Do you come from a sporting family? Where does your passion for the sport and dream to become a soccer player stem from?

“My family is a little bit of a sporting family. Both my parents played soccer in college and high school, and my dad also coached all throughout my youth career. My mom was also involved in managing all my teams. Both my older brothers also played. From a young age I was on the sidelines at their games, I kind of got into the sport that way. I was always playing pick up games with my buddies, and that transitioned into loving the game and getting into it competitively. From there on it just progressed to the point where I am today. I’m super thankful to come from the family I came from and always being around the sport as a young kid.”

How do you enjoy spending your time away from the pitch?

“This past year outside of soccer I’ve been getting more into golf. I love playing tennis as well. Hobbies-wise, I’m into tattoos and body art, so I get tattoos quite frequently during the offseason. Now being in Florida, I’ve also gotten used to hanging out at the beach.”

Which is your favorite tattoo you’ve gotten?

“I have a couple tattoos that have very special meanings and a couple favorites. I have my mom’s name behind my ear and around that I have crows. That is a significant one between us, it's supposed to be a matching one and she’s actually going to get hers soon. Then, I have the word ‘chaos’ on my neck. Coming from a small town and a relatively quiet family, I had kind of a chaotic upbringing and chaotic introduction into the sports world. I like to think of that as a representation of my life so far and it's something that I have embraced, and my style of play has a little bit of that chaos element.”