​​Inter Miami CF Reveals Specialty License Plates


Inter Miami CF revealed the Club’s specialty license plate design on Friday and announced the specialty license plates pre-sale vouchers are officially on sale.

Fans can visit their local tax collector’s office or tag agency in-person to purchase a pre-sale voucher, or they can follow this link to purchase their pre-sale voucher online.

Earlier this year, the Florida legislature passed Senate Bill 364 authorizing the creation of new specialty license plates, including the plate to benefit the Inter Miami CF Foundation. The legislation sponsored by Representative Alex Rizo and former Senator Manny Diaz was signed by Governor DeSantis into law earlier this summer. Pre-sale vouchers are currently on sale and production of the physical plates will commence once 3,000 vouchers have been sold.

Each voucher is $33, with $25 going directly to the Inter Miami CF Foundation. Proceeds from these sales will go toward Foundation programs focused on education, food security and wellness resources geared towards youth enrichment for underserved and at-risk kids in South Florida.

To make a purchase, the person must have a valid Florida driver’s license or registration, must have a vehicle registered under their name, and pay the $33 voucher fee. A person can purchase a voucher as a gift for someone else, but they must provide all the valid information of the voucher recipient.

Once a person purchases a pre-sale voucher, the voucher sale will be associated with the person’s driver’s license. Physical vouchers will not be delivered. Once the Club reaches its goal of 3,000 vouchers, anyone who purchased a voucher can claim their license plate at their local tax collector’s office or tag agency by using their driver’s license. 

Additional fees may apply when claiming the physical specialty license plate and can vary depending on your vehicle registration status, the type of vehicle you own, whether you choose to further personalize your tag, etc. Also, please note that when you switch to an Inter Miami CF specialty license plate, that will replace your current Florida license plate. For more information on License Plates, visit