Inter Miami CF to Host Second Annual Battle of the Artists Presented by Heineken


Inter Miami CF is excited to host its second annual Battle of the Artists presented by Heineken during this year’s Art Basel in Miami on Sunday, Dec. 4.

Seven local artists will compete, joined by special guest Inter Miami CF defender Aimé Mabika, at Cerveceria La Tropical in an hour-long contest to create their best Inter Miami CF inspired art piece. The winner’s artwork will be displayed at the Club’s Florida Blue Training Center, and the artist will earn an exclusive VIP experience for the 2023 season for up to four (4) guests which includes a behind the scenes tour, watch pre-game warmups, photo pitch and VIP tickets for one (1) selected MLS match (pending availability). All final artworks will be posted via the Inter Miami CF app for fans to choose the winning art piece and the winner is set to be announced during the week of December 5.

You’re Invited! 

Fans will be able to attend the unique event at Cerveceria La Tropical (42 NE 25th St, Miami, FL 33137) from 11:30 a.m. ET to 2:30 p.m. ET for FREE by RSVPING **HERE**.

The first 300 guests to RSVP will receive a free beer and Inter Miami and Heineken co-branded beer glass. Additionally, the event will feature Heineken specials, a DJ, and Inter Miami and Heineken swag items/photobooth.

Meet the Artists


Name: Hayze 

Instagram: @thehayzebrand

Bio: Andrew Hayes, known as Hayze, is a Miami based artist and muralist who believes in one thing above all else, freedom. A graduate of the University of Miami, Hayze started painting t-shirts on a dorm room floor, just to see if his skill resonated. Eight years later, the son of an artist and an entrepreneur decided to leave his job and chase his creative dreams. "I believe people live happier, more fulfilled lives when they are free to be themselves, so above all other things ‘Be You,’” he said.  He likes to create something for everyone, from kids in awe of the future to adults looking to escape into nostalgia. His goal is range; anything from whimsical and cute to thought-provoking and detailed. “I just want to leave the world a more beautiful place than I found it. I decided that the balloon would be the best way for me to visually express my desire for freedom. I like to paint emotions on the balloons to give a better understanding of the piece or just to be polarizing. The courage to try sums up my identity as an artist. I don't want to be great at one thing, rather good at many. That way you have to decide what is keeping you from trying to be what you want to be most," Hayes concluded.

Rigo Leon

Name: Rigo Leon 

Instagram: @rigoleonart

Bio: Born in Havana and raised in Miami, Rigo is one of the most recognized and respected artists in South Florida. He is known for his trademark versatility and bold murals, as well as his commitment to creating art in public places around the world. A self-taught artist, who as a child traded his toys for paintbrushes, Leon uses a wide range of media and forms to express his vision. From videography in music videos to graphic design, drawing and spray painting, to wood and metal. Over the years, he has spearheaded gallery exhibitions from Havana to Rome and created interior artwork for luxury residences, restaurants, and public venues throughout the Americas. His "Helping Hand Series" can be found in Mexico and at various locations in Miami, including St. Brendan Catholic Church and on columns in downtown Miami as part of the city's Art in Public Places Program. 


Shoker Art1

Name: Shocker ART1 

Instagram: @shokerstyle1

Bio: Vladimir Kovalchuk, known as Shoker, was born in Ukraine in 1995. Having grown up in an urban city in his high school years, he fell in love with graffiti.  His obsession with graffiti culture drove him to the United States where it all started. A new lifestyle allows him to explore new horizons, develop, practice, and carry his craftsmanship to a higher level. While many recognize him as a talented artist and illustrator, Shoker is today moving the boundaries of his artistic research in new conceptual directions through fluorescent painting, murals, and art installations sharing love and happiness through art creations.


Name: GO$A 

Instagram: @victorgosa

Bio: A Miami native with Spanish and Cuban roots, Victor Gosa, known as GOSA, expresses his thoughts and emotions through his ever-evolving art. While he adopted art at an early age, it wasn’t until a dark, candlelit night during hurricane Irma in 2017 that he fell back in love with it. It was during that moment that he decided to mark the days he had been alive in his art. Pulling inspiration from music and pop culture, GOSA’s vivid art ranges from edgy to whimsical, often juxtaposing cultural icons such as Darth Vader, Mike Tyson and the Rolling Stones with vibrant hues and text that serve as a colorful expression of the artist’s mood on a particular day. GOSA also works with several mediums, including canvas and sculpture.  GOSA’s work has been featured during Art Basel at the Wynwood Life GOSA Gallery Pop Up. Past live shows include Wynwood Life, Art Walk showcase, Art Walk GOSA Returns, Art Walk EFFEN Vodka, The Wynwood Marketplace and Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach.

Name: Verse

Instagram: None

Bio: Verse is a self-taught graffiti artist who began honing his skills on the streets of Miami back in the early 90's. He's a Miami native and is widely recognized to be a pioneer of the Miami street art scene. His artistic inspiration comes from his Chilean and Honduran roots, which comes through in his vibrant color palette and in the energy of his work. Verse’s intricate lettering, use of clever characters and cultural references in his work is constantly evolving while retaining his iconic style. His style is known to be untainted, raw, and authentic which has led to many commissioned works by large corporations like Calvin Klein, Heron Preston, Rockstar Energy Drink, Red Bull, 21st Century Fox, Pandora, Hankook Tires and many others. His work has also been featured in several music videos, movies, and documentaries such as Wu Tang Presents The Saga Continues. Verse is known for being one of Miami‘s most prolific graffiti artists.


Name: AMOS


Bio: Pedro, better known as AMOS, is a Miami native who began his graffiti adventures in 1994. AMOS has evolved into a career artist, flirting with traditional graffiti & abstract expressionism. AMOS applied elements of his graffiti techniques & added a pop-fauvist color palette to create his signature style. AMOS’ passion for creating his art has shown him around the world. He’s shared his artistic perspective in Taipei, Medellin, Montreal, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki. Pedro AMOS Galeria, located in Little River, exclusively showcases AMOS’ diverse art works. The Galeria hosts a motley crew of events dedicated to all things creative. Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide, established by AMOS in 2016, is the ONLY artist owned and operated tour company in Wynwood.


Name: Vic Garcia

Instagram: @vicgarcia

Bio: Vicgarcia is first-generation Cuban-American. It was as a business student in Boston, searching for a suitable path and no interest in art, that he discovered his artistic world. What started as pen and marker drawings on copy paper quickly evolved into a whole world populated by an overflow of characters he created. Using art to express things he couldn’t with words, Vicgarcia’s freestyle work and newly realized passion soon began to infest his room from walls to beneath the bed. Everyone, from friends to guests, wanted to take a piece of art home with them, but it wasn’t until after college, when he went to work for his dad, that it became evident that art had completely taken over. Lost in the world he created, he made the decision to go full-throttle into what came so naturally to him. Today, his ability to bring good vibes and happy people into his artistic world has allowed him to be catapulted into the hearts and minds of many.