As part of the exciting festivities ahead of Inter Miami CF’s home opener set for Feb. 25 (tickets available HERE!), the Club will be hosting its inaugural Media Match set to take place at DRV PNK Stadium on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Team names, rosters and head coaches for the 2023 Media Match were revealed today!

Team Heartbeat will take on Team La Noche and as for the coaching staff, drum roll, please…

The head coach of Team Heartbeat, the home side, will be Inter Miami and USMNT fullback, DeAndre Yedlin. The head coach of Team La Noche will be Inter Miami CF and Venezuelan international striker, Josef Martínez.

“I believe my team is going to win because we have a perfect balance of chemistry, international talent, mixed with U.S. talent, flair, hard work and loyalty. Pretty much every positive word you can say about a team, is involved in our team, and that’s really all I’m going to say, we’re gonna let the action do the talking. At the end of the day, it will be good to see our team come to victory and I'm excited to see what the celebrations are like. I might be in the middle of a few of them…,” said Team Heartbeat head coach Yedlin after unveiling his roster.

“See you on Tuesday. We will win because… how can we not?,” said Team La Noche head coach Martínez confidently following his team announcement.

The participants of the inaugural Inter Miami CF Media Match will go through a full Inter Miami media experience by receiving the full kit of the team they’ve been selected for upon arrival, followed by a team talk from coaches Yedlin and Martínez, will warm up on the pristine DRV PNK Stadium pitch led by Inter Miami CF Director of Performance Garrison Draper, and will be interviewed by Club broadcast talent, former MLS Coach of the Year and Media Match play-by-play and host Thomas Rongen.

Read on to see what the Head Coach Yedlin and Head Coach Martínez had to say about their rosters.


No. 2 | Donovan Campbell, Channel 7 Sports Reporter
“As Team Heartbeat, the home side, I knew I wanted to have a strong representation from right here in South Florida. Campbell is the definition of home field advantage. The South Florida native is also used to rigorous training sessions from his time in the U.S. Army and of course, he has selected the best number. I’m excited to see what Donovan will bring on the pitch.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 6 | Ruthie Polinsky, NBC 6 Sportscaster
"Ruthie was the 2019 Rhode Island Sportscaster of the Year. Something you should know about me is that I like winning and I like winners. Ruthie is a proven winner and I look forward to seeing her bring that winning mentality to Team Heartbeat.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 7 | Rodrigo Almeida-Amuso, Radio Florida Brazil
"Diversity was important to me while building our team to match our incredibly diverse fanbase. Rodrigo hails from Brazil and I know he’ll be able to bring the Brazilian flair to DRV PNK Stadium.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 9 | Alejandro Figueredo, beIn Sports
"While it was important for me to have a selection of Florida natives to secure that home field advantage, it is equally important for me to build a team with significant international experience. We will lean on Alejandro to bring some Uruguayan influence to our squad but also his knowledge of the game is second to none given the magnitude of high quality soccer matches he’s covered. I predict Alejandro will be our Diego Forlán out there, no pressure.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 10 | Gio Insignares, ABC 10 Reporter, and Ramses Sandoval, TUDN and Apple TV
“Gio gives us some more of that hometown pride I was just referring to, born and raised in South Florida. Gio has also traveled all over the U.S. for his broadcasting career, similar to me in soccer, and his ability to adapt is the quality I expect to see from him the most. Meanwhile, Ramses is an MLS Veteran who knows the League inside and out and we will rely on his experience on the pitch.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 11 | Igor Mello,
“Igor is also from Brazil. Inter Miami has two Brazilian’s in Mota and Gregore, so Team Heartbeat needed two Brazilians. We also like the loyalty we believe we will receive from Igor who has been with CBS Sports for 10 years. Igor received some quality training at Inter Miami CF’s Media Training during the 2022 Season that will give him the edge we need on the pitch.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 13 | Michelle Kaufman, Miami Herald
"Dedication and work ethic are two of the most important characteristics for an athlete and Michelle exudes those qualities. From driving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to attending Inter Miami media availabilities multiple times a week to stepping away from family activities, like visiting her daughter Sophie in NYC, to Zoom into our postgame press conferences, Michelle’s effort and dedication is unmatched.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 14 | Nacho Garcia, EFE
“Nacho brings more international experience to our squad, originally from Spain. Nacho also writes for one of the most renowned international outlets in the World, so he knows how to step up for the big occasion.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 16 | Renier Rodriguez, TUDN
“We couldn’t be the hometown, Team Heartbeat without an Argentinian playmaker. Renier is always quick to react when news goes live about Inter Miami. I expect we will see that quick action on the pitch on Tuesday.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 18 | Xavier Guerreiro, Lemon City Live
“Another extremely hard worker. I have added Xavier to the mix because of his ability to turn up and give us all he has. In addition to his hard work, Xavier is a really nice guy to be around, he will be a great locker room guy.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 21 | Jose Rodriguez, Deporte Total USA
“As I have mentioned already, dedication and hard work are key. Jose has put in the work. I see him week in and week out at press conferences and he was on the pitch last year for our inaugural media training session.That experience will help us on Tuesday.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 22 | Jenny Chiu, CBS Sports
"Jenny will lead our team. Jenny played at the best university in the country for women’s soccer and played for the Mexican National Team before thriving in the media World. We are excited we have been able to secure her for Team Heartbeat. Also, I went to school with her brother and he is the man.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 23 | Kristen LeFevre, Fort Lauderdale Illustrated and Palm Beach Illustrated
"Kristen has three kids and is the Editor in Chief of a major publication in South Florida. Now that I’m a dad and a professional athlete, I knew we needed Kristen on our team for her leadership and ability to do it all. Parents are superheroes and working parents are superhuman.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin

No. 27 | Alex Windley, Heron Outlet
"Alex is always finding and covering news from sources all over the World that pertains to Inter Miami. I expect to see her all over the pitch on Tuesday, like she is all over the news.” – Head Coach, DeAndre Yedlin


No. 4 | Chris Wittyngham, Apple TV
“Chris knows DRV PNK Stadium better than any of us after calling the games for Inter Miami for years, so he is going to feel right at home. Also, my scouts told me that he is often MVP at Wednesday night pickup soccer games. We have that in common… Also, I trust my scouts.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 5 | Luis Sanchez, Diario Las Americas
“Luis will bring us all his experience in all parts of the world and will be the decisive piece to bring us the first victory in the history of the Media Match.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 5 | Franco Panizo, Miami Total Fútbol
“Franco has been covering MLS and Inter Miami for years, and with this one I'll be tough… but I'm sure his dedication to covering the team will show on the pitch.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 7 | Pablo Marino, Apple TV
“Pablo comes fresh from the World Cup and from seeing his team win the Cup, so he comes with all the motivation in the World to keep winning.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 7 | Andrea Yanez, Deporte Total USA
“Andrea is a great reporter and photographer, and where she puts her eye, she puts her camera shot. So with us, where she puts her eye, she will put the ball just like Beckham.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 8 | Chef Yisus, Despierta América
“Chef Yisus is obviously a tremendous chef, and I'm sure he will bring all the flavor to the pitch” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 9 | Carlos Suarez, Apple TV
“I have known Carlos for many years and every time he covers me in person, I score goals. So now that I’m going to be his coach, I’m expecting the same from him…” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 10 | Rodolfo El Chamo, TU 94.9 FM
“Rodolfo not only covers Inter Miami, but he does it with the greatest energy possible and I'm sure he will bring the same desire to Team La Noche.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 11 & No. 23 | Abelardo y Isra, 99 Porciento
“Isra and Abelardo are the dynamic duo, from 99 Porciento. They say that their chemistry is like Xavi and Iniesta, like Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, like De Bruyne and Haaland, so there was no doubt that they had to be on my team. The only thing is that I need them to give 100 percent, and not just 99…” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 14 | Pedro Gonzalez, El Nuevo Herald
“Pedro has been covering all sports in South Florida for over 15 years, so he'll pretty much be my player coming out of the Academy.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 16 | Jen Herrera, NBC 6
“Jen does not miss any news in the entertainment world on 6 In The Mix, so I’m sure she won’t miss a goal with Team La Noche. Also, she worked with Cirque du Soleil, so she’ll have some tricks for us on the field.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 18 | Ian Hest, Heron Outlet
“Ian created The Heron Outlet, so he’s a creator that will create great plays for us! Also, fellow coach Fede Higuaín told me that he was fantastic last year in the media training session so I’m excited to see him play.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 26 | Oscar Posedente, Semanario Argentino
“Oscar is our other team world champion so he comes with all the positive vibes to continue succeeding but now with the Team La Noche.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 51 | Carlos Maxwell, Telemundo 51
“Carlos is all over the place, the legend has it that he traveled all the way to Los Angeles to cover the team's inaugural match, so I knew he would give it all for Team La Noche.” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez

No. 77 | Adriana Monsalve
“Watch out, que ‘El Fútbol Llegó’ with Adriana... My compatriot has spent years covering all sports at the highest level in and out of Venezuela, so there was no doubt that she had to be on my team to continue representing our country colors proudly” – Head Coach, Josef Martínez