Lewis Morgan made Inter Miami CF history on Wednesday, Sept. 29, by becoming the first player to earn 50 appearances, all of them starts. The Scottish winger achieved this milestone by playing every single match in Club history thus far.

This is another Club first accomplished by Morgan - as he also registered the team’s first-ever assist, started in the first-ever match, and in the first-ever playoff match, and was selected as the Club’s first-ever MVP.

Head coach Phil Neville was immensely proud of Morgan’s contribution to the Club, as well as the attitude and mentality that the team wants to center itself around.

“Lewis is a big player at this fútbol club. He’s part of that group that we want to build the team around and he should be really proud of what he’s done for Inter Miami. His commitment to the Club, the way he conducts himself on and off the field, I think is the type of character and personality we want at Inter Miami.”

Neville sees Morgan as one of the first players on his team sheets due to everything he brings onto the pitch. He believes that his presence adds not only to Inter Miami, but to the entirety of the league as well.

“When I’m picking a team, he’s probably the first name on the team sheet because of his energy, his quality, his durability, his mental toughness. There is more to come from him… He came here probably with people not having much expectation and now he’s one of the most important players not only in the team, but in MLS.”

“It’s an honor to play even one game for this Club, so to reach 50 consecutive is something that I’m really proud of. As a player it’s not something you really focus on, but when you hear it, it makes you take stock of how many games you’ve really played. It’s definitely something to be proud of,” said Morgan.

Overall, Morgan has registered six goals and 11 assists in his 4,243 minutes played with Inter Miami.