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Heron Talk presented by Gallagher

Inter Miami is heading to the Big Apple to take on the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena on Saturday, Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. ET.

Head coach Phil Neville previewed the weekend match-up, emphasizing the belief he has in his team to make a playoff push.

“We’ve got the talent to do that [make a playoff run]. We’ve been on runs this season where we could easily achieve this. Now it’s about belief, belief that we can achieve the things we want to achieve and to do that we’re going to have to sacrifice, to do that we’re going to have to do something that this fútbol’s club has probably never done before,” Neville said. 

“Belief and spirit should come together,” Neville said confidently, highlighting the high quality of team spirit within the squad. 

Neville remained secure in his belief in the Heron’s competitive spirit, reiterating the urgency to maintain this mentality against the Red Bulls squad who is on the prowl for a home victory. 

“Physically we have to compete with the Red Bulls. One hundred percent, first and foremost, we have to compete.”

“They’ve got a really good, young, hungry squad of players that are really impressive. We’re approaching the game in the same way. You think to yourself, if either team wins this game, the team that wins will think ‘we can make the playoffs,’” said Neville. 

Both Neville and Brek Shea were in agreement about the high quality of team spirit that the past road trip instilled in the group as a whole. 

“Results haven’t gone our way in the last few games, but I think the team is tighter than it’s ever been as a group,” said Shea. 

Shea continued to demonstrate his belief in the team and willingness to see the team succeed. While discussing his individual mentality, Shea highlighted the importance of maintaining an infectious positive perspective. 

“You just need to take the highs, keep them a little lower, and the lows, [take them] a little higher. I try and stay happy and positive in every situation. This is a ‘get to’ job, not a ‘got to’ job,” said Shea. 

He remained confident in the adjustments that the Inter Miami squad is making in response to the previous Red Bulls game. 

“If we can find ways to play through them quickly and further than what’s just right in front of us, beat that press, then I think we have the advantage. As long as we get past that then I would take us a million times,” concluded Shea.