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Inter Miami CF midfielder Rodolfo Pizarro is back, and he’s arrived hungry for more to start his new spell at the Club in the best way possible.

“I’m thrilled, I’m very happy to be here and with lots of expectations with a healthy and very competitive group,” said PIzarro.

Upon returning, Pizarro highlighted that he’s ready to do everything in his power to help the team succeed.

“The team is very positive, we are training well and we have all adapted well… I’m ready to contribute wherever I have to be on the pitch, I will try to do so in the best way possible to be able to help the team.”

Lastly, the multifaceted midfielder underlined the unity that reigns within the squad and the shared ambition with his teammates.

“I see a lot of camaraderie, I think there is a great desire to work, to succeed and we all have the same objective. I think the group is in a very good state and very united, and we know what we want to achieve… I feel that this is a good opportunity to have a good season”, he concluded.