Quinteros and Neville Speak on Team’s Growing Chemistry


Following the team’s first two matches in the Breeze Airways Carolina Challenge Cup, the squad has been enjoying their time together in Charleston, South Carolina. The team has demonstrated their growing bonds with strong performances in the tournament. Bolivian international defender Jairo Quinteros commented on what it's been like to join the team and feel the growing chemistry within the squad. 

“We are coming off from an intense preseason of a lot of work, a lot of consistency, and at the end the results are also going to be very important, but I think it’s more important that we know each other on the pitch. There are a lot of players that are young, a lot of new young players, it's basically a new squad and getting to know each other is very important,” shared Quinteros. “I think [yesterday’s] win helps our growth and belief in the coaching staff. The style of the coach is a style of play that we want, what we believe in and it's important for me to get minutes and currently I have a lot of confidence. I feel good. Obviously we have to continue working, getting better in many aspects…We are very happy, in the end all our work can be applied, it’s a vision into the future that gives us confidence and belief of what lies ahead.”

Head coach Phil Neville highlighted his excitement about the upcoming season and spoke about the team’s progressing cohesiveness.

“I’m excited, I’m really pleased about where we are at, and I keep saying to the team, we still got a hell of a lot of work to do. Everyday we are just improving and improving, togetherness is getting better, everybody is getting to know each other and [last night’s] is a good result for us,” said Neville.

Quinteros went on to explain how these flourishing bonds will strengthen the team for the upcoming season.

“I feel comfortable and I am not the only one that can say that. I think all the players are doing very well, we have confidence, we are united, that’s the most important, and are a very healthy group,” commented the center back. “Why is this important? This is important for when things come up ahead; we will have turbulent times, we will have good moments, we will have bad moments, moments of staying together and knowing the group is united. The group is strong, and that we believe in one another is very important.” 

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