(re)boot Unveils First Collection


On Saturday, (re)boot unveiled the brands inaugural collection. The recently launched brand, partnering with professional fútbol clubs to tackle the waste crisis, founded by Gabriella Mas, has partnered with streetwear designer, Justin Mensinger to create the first collection using official Inter Miami CF player worn jerseys and training tops. A master of upcycled, sustainable fashion, Mensinger won HBO Max’s The Hype, a streetwear competition for his cutting-edge designs.

The first collection, constructed with training tops and game worn kits by the 2022 Inter Miami CF First Team including Argentine legendary striker, Gonzalo Higuaín, Gregore, Drake Callender, and more, debuted on 11 Inter Miami CF Academy players on Saturday.

Mas specifically selected the U-12 Academy to debut (re)boot’s inaugural collection to inspire the next generation of athletes to be more eco-conscious and encourage dialogue about sustainability from a young age.


“It is a dream to bring the first (re)boot collection to life with my hometown club,” said South Florida native, Gabriella Mas. “Inter Miami is on their way to be the reference of fútbol in North America, and this project is another proof point that highlights the Club’s innovative nature and commitment to harnessing the power of fútbol to do good.”

“To me, (re)boot is a brand that represents the future of upcycling, especially in the athletic space,” said Mensinger. “They are taking these old jerseys, whether it’s training uniforms or game day uniforms, and combining all those into one new piece and giving it a second life and energy, so a kid, for example, can wear that jersey and feel that power behind those garments.” 

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