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For Alejandro Santiago, Inter Miami CF fan and Season Ticket Member ever since the club brought top-flight fútbol back to South Florida in 2020, fútbol isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion that has led him to many great experiences in life. Growing up in Hialeah, Florida, Santiago, of Cuban descent, was an avid baseball player, but picked up soccer to socialize and meet new people and never looked back.

Now, alongside his wife Elizabeth and his children Isabella, Alexandra and Marco, who all play soccer as their father does, he enjoys attending matches at DRV PNK Stadium and celebrating his love for the team with other loyal Inter Miami fans.   

“My family doesn’t do anything halfway… We got season tickets as soon as they became available, but obviously in 2020 with COVID it wasn’t possible to go to games, so we started going last year to the games,” explained Santiago. “We only missed one game last year and we look forward to doing the same this year.”

Attending Inter Miami home fixtures has become a sacred and regular family affair for Santiago, even driving other family members and close friends to join the fun as well.

“Not only are my wife and my three kids Season Ticket Members, but I brought my brother along as well and he’s a supporter now. I also dragged my best friend along with his wife and his family. So, if you want to talk about a family affair, going to DRV PNK Stadium is big for us. We try to get there early, we hang out and spend quality time together, and that’s really good family time. It’s like a set appointment we have where we do nothing but be together.

Santiago alongside family and friends at DRV PNK Stadium

Not only do Santiago and his loved ones enjoy quality time together, as they have also had the opportunity to make new friends to share their passion for Inter Miami.

“We’ve also made other friends that are Season Ticket Members that throughout the season we saw them every game, which was pretty cool too. Meeting people with the same passion and love for the sport and the team is great”.

Santiago went on to highlight why he thinks matches at DRV PNK Stadium offer great ways to spend time with the family; he stressed that it’s a safe environment that offers activities for fans of all ages, and the special bond that makes Inter Miami fans a family.

“Before the games, the kids really like hanging out in the Fan Zone. Especially my son, the youngest one, he does all the activities… He goes out there with my niece when they get tired of hearing us strategize about how we are going to beat whoever we are playing that day. They take off and they go hang out there, and it’s a safe environment overall. I like the way it works out. He’s 14, so it’s cool. He goes out there, he plays and does his thing, and we pick him up on the way to the gate.”

“Outside of that, just being around people and feeling part of La Familia is awesome. Everyone is kind of putting life on pause and just having a common thread in supporting South Florida’s MLS team,” he added joyfully.

With so many matches in the books, Santiago can’t pinpoint a specific memory that he favors, but he detailed the special feelings attending matches in person evoke in him.

“I have so many memories at DRV PNK Stadium in just one year so it’s hard to point to just one… but when games are close, those are the ones that really capture your attention. Your emotions are in it, your heart is pounding with every tackle, every pass, every time they attack, you live and breathe and die in that moment.

“When games are close like that, that’s when you really feel the passion... That passion is incomparable, and I hadn’t felt that way before.”

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In addition, he applauded Inter Miami’s loyal supporters for generating a special atmosphere at DRV PNK Stadium unlike any other sports venue in the region. 

“One thing that makes the experience at the stadium unique is the supporters’ stand. That section is constantly creating a banging atmosphere. I tip my hat to them. There’s no other sports team in South Florida where you can feel that kind of energy that they bring. They constantly get everybody else in the stadium hyped,” said Santiago.

Lastly, Santiago implored all Inter Miami fans to become Season Ticket Members to be able experience their passion for the team to the fullest extent.

“The best reason to become a Season Ticket Member is that there’s lots of things to do in South Florida, but none compare to Inter Miami games. If you’re not going to as many matches as possible, then you’re missing out,” he concluded 

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