Ticketing and Venue Update for 2023 Inter Miami CF China Tour


Tickets for the Club’s first-ever international tour in China will go on sale on Thursday, Oct. 26 at 4 a.m. ET. Fans will be able to purchase tickets through the Damai platform.

The team will play two Chinese Super League teams in friendly matches, first facing Qingdao Hainiu F.C. on Nov. 5 before playing against Chengdu Rongcheng on Nov. 8.

The venue for the match against Qingdao on Nov. 5 has changed; the match will now be played at Wuyuan River Stadium in Haikou, China. The match against Chengdu will remain at the Phoenix Hill Sports Park in Chengdu, China.

Inter Miami’s first stop of the tour will see the Club take on Chinese Super League standout Qingdao Hainiu F.C. at Wuyuan River Stadium. The Chinese side, founded in 1990, is currently led by Spanish coach Antonio Carreño and since 1997 has remained a regular member of China’s top division, never facing relegation in 26 years.

Inter Miami’s next stop will see the Club visit Chengdu Rongcheng at the Phoenix Hill Sports Park, which seats over 60,000 spectators. Chengdu Rongcheng was founded in 2018, around the same time Inter Miami came into existence. Upon its founding, Chengdu Rongcheng entered into the country’s fourth division; the team went on to earn promotion in three of its first four seasons, reaching the Chinese topflight. Last year, in its first season in the first division, the team continued its upward trajectory, finishing fifth out of 18 teams. The team currently sits in sixth place in the Chinese Super League standings and boasts a brand new state-of-the-art facility.