Carranza Jersey Giveaway Winner

Member Giveaway Winner Revealed: Match Worn/Signed Jersey from Julián Carranza

Inter Miami members who have downloaded the Inter Miami App and created a Fan Profile are automatically entered into Member Giveaways. The winner of the latest prize draw won a jersey signed and worn by Argentine forward Julián Carranza during the Twitch Stream Aid FIFA 20 tournament

Congratulations to the lucky winner Enrique Murray-Campbell! Enrique is a local supporter and Season Ticket Member of Inter Miami. He shared the following remarks on his passionate support of his hometown Club:

How did you come to be a supporter and Season Ticket Member of Inter Miami?

I’ve been a football player and fan all my life. The first thing I did after taking my first steps was kick a ball. I got transferred to the USA when MLS played its first season and I got hooked (no specific team fandom, just loved to have the game live, close to me). The day I learned that David Beckham was leading a group of investors to open an expansion team in South Florida, I decided that it had to be my team, I would become a founding member, and contribute to leading an era of LOCAL football fandom in South Florida.

What does the return of top-flight fútbol in South Florida mean to you as a fan?

Paraphrasing Vince Lombardi (legendary coach for the “other” football), my priorities have always been: God, Family, and Football (Fútbol) and having a team with world-class players like Pizarro, Carranza, Luis Robles, and with Diego Alonso as coach, it gives me the opportunity to not only experience the game at a top level, but to get my family excited and share it with them too! I also get the pleasure of being the founding generation of what I hope to be a long and lasting fandom.

What does it mean to you to be part of “La Familia” at the heart of this Club? 

Being Mexican-American, Familia is everything to me, and being part of a club which makes family a core value makes me feel right at home. It is a family joined around love for the game. I can’t wait for the season to restart! I also love the fact that the first seasons will be played at what used to be Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale. I live in Broward County and know for a fact that the football fandom here is HUGE! Thanks for bringing the game close to all of us!

With Julián’s recent return to training, does winning a signed / worn jersey from him add to your excitement?

It was very exciting to win a signed jersey by Julián Carranza! It gave me the opportunity to bond with my family around not only the club, but also around someone that is almost from their own generation and is already having global impact with Inter Miami. Even in the middle of this quarantine, it gave us the opportunity to share football topics without having to watch games. We are very happy to see Julián come back from his injury and wish him the best moving forward!

What do you plan on doing with the prize?

I’m going to frame it and hang it in my home-office! I’m sure that as the years go by, I will complement it with pictures of Julián winning championships for Inter Miami, the MLS All-Star team, and of course, the Argentina national team!

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