Academy Update: January 2024 Players of the Month

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With the new year in full swing for the Inter Miami CF Academy presented by Baptist Health, it's time to present the standout talented youth players that earned Player of the Month honors for January.

To start off, U-12 player Jacob Mascarena gets the nod as the Player of the Month for our Academy’s youngest age bracket.


“Jacob has shown a high performance in all training sessions and matches. His behavior, position on the field and decision making in organized attack have helped the team to achieve the pre-match objectives. In organized defense his participation has been fundamental for the good performance of the team, making a very positive reading of the game, spaces to occupier, and intentions of the opposing team,” said U-12 Academy team head coach Diego Garcia. "His great predisposition and attitude to help the team at any time have been key to his personal and sporting development.”

Moving onto our mid-level age groups, U-14 player Mathias Martinez earns Player of the Month honors for January.


“Mathias has been a positive leader on and off the field, he has made a difference with his technical physical capabilities, quickly applying himself to the implemented game model required. Psychologically, he has influenced the team and his teammates in a very positive way, which for me is one of the most important aspects, giving his support at all times during this month, where changes have occurred in his environment. Thus becoming an exemplary captain, being capable of helping his teammates to reach higher levels of performance currently,” detailed U-14 coach Daniel Godoy. 

Lastly, U-19 attacker Sergio Perello is the Player of the Month for the Academy’s eldest age groups.


“Sergio’s performances this month have not only been impactful for him, but for our entire team with crucial goals in vital games. I’m thrilled to see him being recognized for his outstanding play, commitment, and professionalism displayed in every training session and game,” stated U-17 Academy team head coach Chris O’Neal. 

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