Inter Miami CF 2023 Preseason Officially Underway at Florida Blue Training Center!


Inter Miami CF officially got its 2023 preseason preparations underway today at the Florida Blue Training Center ahead of the team’s fourth Major League Soccer (MLS) campaign. First Team players arrived at the Club’s world class facilities this morning to kick off preseason work with the team’s first training session in 2023.

“We made massive changes last season and we knew it was going to take time… This year on day one they knew how I work and I knew how they worked, and I know them as players now. What happens is now we are going to get more consistency, we know what we are going to get,” said head coach Phil Neville, who is gearing up for his third year at the helm.

“The vibes are great and it’s great to have all the guys back, with a couple new additions. Everyone is here to work hard, there are a lot of smiles around,” added goalkeeper Drake Callender, who has been an Inter Miami player since the team’s inaugural year in the league back in 2020.

2023 Preseason Training Day One (1)

After the conclusion of the first official training session of the 2023 preseason, Neville, Callender, midfielder and captain Gregore, and attackers Ariel Lassiter and Robbie Robinson addressed media to preview what lies ahead for the team in the following weeks as the team gets in top shape for the 2023 season.

“I believe that in Inter Miami, we as players have to understand that we have to play great this year. There are three cups this year, meaning that we have to fight hard for those cups. We must play great this year and work hard,” highlighted Gregore on the team’s approach to take on MLS, the U.S. Open Cup and the Leagues Cup this year.

“Consistency is what wins in this league… That’s what we want now, consistency in performances, consistency in the roster… We’re in to win every competition [this year],” stated Neville.

2023 Preseason Training Day One (2)

Lastly, the players highlighted the unity within the squad as the team aims to continue building onto a strong 2022 season.

“Guys are talking, they are hanging out and a lot of the team is bonding… It’s always good to establish that at the start of the season and maintain that kind of effort and attention that we have to each other throughout the year,” said Callender.

“There hasn’t been many changes, it’s the same group from before and we know how to play together. It’s a good system. I see all my teammates with the desire to do something amazing this year,” concluded Gregore.