Inter Miami CF Communications Team Announces Major Deadline Day Signings for Inaugural Media Match


Last week, Inter Miami announced its inaugural Media Match set to take place at DRV PNK Stadium on Tuesday, Feb. 21, along with the team names, rosters and head coaches for the event. Today, five new participants have been added to the rosters, bolstering the units of DeAndre Yedlin’s Team Heartbeat and Josef Martínez’s Team La Noche. 

Team Heartbeat will be supplemented with the additions of Apple TV’s Andres Cordero, CBS’s Steve Goldstein, and Miami Design District Magazine’s Yari Clarke while Team La Noche will welcome Fernando “El Presidente” Fiore and Venezuelan actor, singer, and dancer Victor Drija.

The teams will have a real gameday experience, beginning with team meetings with their respective head coaches (2:30 p.m. ET) followed by a 15-minute warmup period on the pitch. The match will then begin at DRV PNK Stadium and consist of two 15-minute halves with a five-minute halftime. The match kicks off at 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday.



No. 5 | Yari Clarke, Miami Design District Magazine
“Yari is going to bring the style to Team Heartbeat on Tuesday. She covers culture in Miami, nobody will be able to match her level of cool out there and as they say, ‘look good, feel good, play good.’” - Head Coach DeAndre Yedlin

No. 8 | Andres Cordero, Apple TV
“We know what Andres can do in the booth after hearing him call our games, now it’s time to show everybody what he can do on the pitch. He’s a South Florida native so he has fútbol in his blood, and he knows DRV PNK Stadium as well as anybody.” - Head Coach DeAndre Yedlin

No. 13 | Steve Goldstein, CBS4 Sports Anchor
“Goldie is a multi-sport athlete but we’re confident his skills will translate from the ice to the pitch. He’s also our very own Olympian after calling several Olympics on radio; now we’re also counting on him to use his voice out on the pitch.” - Head Coach DeAndre Yedlin



No. 6 | Fernando “El Presidente” Fiore
“El Presidente is an icon in fútbol and in South Florida. He will bring the energy we need to our team to fire everybody up. We expect him to celebrate a goal of his own with his legendary “goooooooollllll!” call.” - Head Coach Josef Martínez

No. 20 | Victor Drija
“From acting to singing to dancing… and now testing his skills on the pitch, Victor does it all. Somos tú y yo bringing Venezuela to Team La Noche on Tuesday.” - Head Coach Josef Martínez