Heron Talk

Inter Miami will be back in action on Saturday, Aug. 14 against New York City FC as it seeks to extend its four-game unbeaten streak ahead of another three-game week.

Head coach Phil Neville expects the boys to maintain their performance and attitude that they have demonstrated in their last four outings.

“What I’m looking for is similar attitudes, similar performance levels, similar drive and determination to get the points like we had in our last three game week last week,” said Neville.

Neville believes that the team is now able to finally look forward as the team’s efforts are paying off.

“We’re in a good headspace, the players are rested after a taxing week last week. The confidence and the belief in the squad, in the Club, is now beginning to get to the levels where we can start looking forward and not back.”

With the team performing up to Neville’s expected level, he attributes this shift in attitude to the loss against New England Revolution, as that proved to be a catalyst for Inter Miami.

“[Following the New England game] We had to make a commitment to each other in terms of the importance, the severity of that situation. We had to come together.

“What we started to do, probably as a team, is stop blaming and start fixing. We started to fix, we started to play, [and] we started to be a team.”

Teamwork and unity were the most important messages that Neville got across to his players, reminding them that this is about the collective as opposed to the individual.

“What I’ve drummed into them is the unbelievable importance of teamwork, togetherness, the fight, the ability to run for each other, cover for each other, sprint forward [and] sprint back for each other.”

This sentiment was shared by midfielders Rodolfo Pizarro and Blaise Matuidi as they both aim to improve themselves along with the team.

“I think the difference is that we have been more united. We’ve been more of a team…Now we are playing as a team, now we are a group committed as a team going the same direction,” said Pizarro.

“I won a lot of titles, but it is not enough. I came here to win. The position [in the league standings] we are in today, for us is not enough because we have a lot of quality in this team and I trust the team and I trust what I can do on the field,” said Matuidi

Lastly, Pizarro highlighted the players’ improved performances and overall positive spirit that has helped the team turn the tide. 

“I think that all of us have improved our level in the past matches. I think that’s what’s needed, that all of us are at a good level so we can push to get positive results…We’re on a positive run and we want to extend it. There is a positive environment within the team and we want to keep winning, racking up points and climbing up the table,” concluded Pizarro.