Miami is the future—a hyperglobal, yet local community fueled by intersection and interconnection. It stands at the gateway of the Americas and welcomes millions from around the world, creating an energy and culture unlike anywhere else on the planet. Some of us are born and raised here. Some of us came long ago and were embraced like family. And still, others have just arrived. But we all, at heart, share the same qualities: courage, tenacity, ambition, dedication to our community, and a passion for the joy of life.

We fly in the face of conventional thinking and take pride in disrupting the status quo. We are here to change the game.

Inter Miami CF will celebrate all that makes Miami extraordinary. We will be multilingual and omnicultural. We will harness the city’s great history and unmatched culture to create new traditions, rituals, and symbols that are admired around the world. We will bring world class fútbol to this world class city, once and for all. Fútbol that is as creative, exciting, unique, and multicultural as we are. Fútbol that makes people everywhere wish they could be here.

The Announcement

JANUARY 29, 2018 3:23 PM

Officially launched as Major League Soccer’s 25th Club set to begin play in March 2020. “Today is a proud day for Miami, and for our family,” said Managing Owner and CEO Jorge Mas. “Our club will have a global vision but our fans in South Florida will always be our first priority reflecting the best of our community.” Inter Miami CF is a hyperglobal -yet local- team that represents our fans and our city. We are fan-centered and fan-driven Club and we want to create a passion for soccer in our city. We are one, we are fearless, we are ready.


Designing the brand

SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 3:46 PM

Inter Miami CF is a hyperglobal -yet local- team that represents our fans and our city. We are fan-centered and fan-driven club and we want to create a passion for soccer in our city. We are one, we are fearless, we are ready.


Paul McDonough joins as the Sporting Director for Inter Miami CF

AUGUST 2, 2018

In this new role, Paul McDonough will lead all aspects of soccer operations for Inter Miami, including building the Club’s inaugural roster. He will report directly to Jorge Mas, managing owner and CEO, as well David Beckham, owner and president of soccer operations for the organization. “To be able to join the expansion franchise in Miami at its inception is truly exciting,” said McDonough. “I am looking forward to working with the entire ownership group to build a team that represents the very best of soccer for our city.”

Jurgen Mainka joins as Chief Business Officer

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

Jurgen Mainka will be responsible for all team and stadium business related activities. Reporting directly to Managing Owner and CEO Jorge Mas, Mainka will lead all non-soccer operations aspects of the Club including marketing, communications, ticketing and merchandise departments.


Our Motto


“Libertad, Unidad, Fortuna.” A motto that pays tribute to the concepts of freedom, unity, solidarity, inclusiveness, opportunity and good fortune for all. It is the reason we do what we do now and in the future. It is who we and Miami are. Unitas should always represent our unity, solidarity, and inclusive spirit


Overwhelming support from the community

NOVEMBER 6, 2018

With 60% (61, 753 Votes) voting in favor of the Miami Freedom Park referendum, our community demonstrated that it wants us to be part of the city and it wants an international soccer team that represents who we are.

Announced plans for Miami Freedom Park

NOVEMBER 7, 2018

The future MLS stadium project is revealed as Miami Freedom Park,  a 160 acre privately funded project next to the Miami International Airport which includes a world-class 28,00 seat stadium, public park, and retail development center.



Announced Lockhart Stadium site as location for Inter Miami’s training facility

JANUARY 28, 2019 4:07 PM

The Club has submitted an unsolicited proposal to the City of Fort Lauderdale to revitalize the historic Lockhart Stadium site as the future home for Inter Miami’s training complex.

Laying the foundation for the Soccer Operations department

FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Inter Miami made its first moves on the soccer operations side by hiring local youth coaching standouts Juan Carlos Michia and Victor Pastora to its Academy coaching staff. The MLS expansion Club also brought in professionals with league experience in Kurt Schmid (LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders), Niki Budalic (Orlando City) and Jason Kreis (Orlando City, NYCFC, Real Salt Lake)


MLS veteran Javier Morales to Academy joins coaching staff

FEBRUARY 22, 2019

With a career that stretched nearly 20 years from Argentina to MLS, the Club announced it has hired former veteran midfielder Javier Morales to its Academy coaching staff. “We are thrilled to welcome Javier to our Club,” said Sporting Director Paul McDonough. “He has played at the highest level, both in MLS and internationally, and his experience will be invaluable for our Academy players as we build our foundation and begin play later this year. We are excited to work with him in the next phase of his career as a coach.”

Who we are

MARCH 4, 2019

Inter Miami CF is an innovative Club that wants to deliver a world-class experience from the time fans leave home until the conclusion of the match. We are a hyperglobal -yet local- team created entirely for our fans. Inter Miami CF is an international soccer team, fan-centric, fan-driven. We are one, we are fearless, and we are ready.


Inter Miami unveils proposal to play two seasons at Lockhart Stadium

MARCH 14, 2019

Inter Miami expands its proposal for Fort Lauderdale’s Lockhart site to include a new soccer stadium in addition to its original plan for a training complex. The Club plans to launch its first two MLS seasons at Lockhart before moving to Miami Freedom Park. Fort Lauderdale would remain the permanent training complex with the stadium being permanently used for its proposed USL team.